Orgonite Pyramid


Orgonite is a process where resin, metal shavings, copper wire and crystal/s create a positive energy that balances and harmonises our chi, prana and life force energy and is a substance that does not need to be recharged or replaced.

The orgonite process amplifies the healing properties of crystals. It helps protect against EMF’s (electromagnetic fields), can help with more energy and balance moods. The Clear Crystal in Copper spiral is a conduit to higher white light energy.

Average Size of Pyramid: 90mm x 90mm

Tigers Eye – Personal Power

Obsidian – Protection

Amethyst – Peace

Citrine –  Abundance

Carnelian – Grounding

Clear Quartz – Purifying

Rose Quartz – Love

Selenite – Cleansing

Lapis – Spirituality

Aventurine – Joy

Sunstone – Positivity



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Amethyst, Amethyst with OM, Aventurine, Carnelian, Citrine, Citrine with OM, Clear Quartz, Lapis, Mixed Stone, Rose Quartz, Rose Quartz with OM, Selenite, Sunstone, Tigers Eye

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