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The tarot originated in Europe in the mid 15th century. It consists of a deck of 78 cards, each with it’s own imagery, symbolism and story, divided between 22 Major Arcana cards, representing life’s karmic and spiritual lessons, and 56 Minor Arcana cards, representing the trials and tribulations we experience in our day to day lives. The Minor Arcana can be further divided into 16 Court Cards representing 16 different personality characteristics we may choose to express at any given time, and 40 numbered cards representing various daily situations.

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I view the Tarot as a storybook of our life allowing us access to our sub-conscious mind, our intuition and inner wisdom.

When I read your cards, it is not an exercise in fortune telling! We will use the cards to create and manifest the life you desire by pinpointing exactly what your challenges and blockages are, how to overcome them and how to move forward in a positive way. This could be in relation to family or other relationships, work and career, health, mental wellbeing or a combination of all of these.

I will use my intuition and knowledge of the Tarot to empower and guide you to discover what you already know. You will be amazed at how the answers will become very clear and you will quickly realise that you too have the power of intuition.

Situations where you can be assisted by the Tarot includes;  manifesting goals, planning a business or making business decisions, making career decisions, repairing troubled or challenging relationships, self-development, moving house, clarifying life lessons and soul purpose and many more

Reading Options & Prices

In person reading, 1 hour – $60

Remote Reading, 20 minute recording with an opportunity for 2 clarifications/question, another 5 minute recording each – $55

Zoom Reading, 1 hour – $60

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