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“Our aim with Twigg Puzzles is to design puzzles that are unique, creative, beautiful and delight you every time. The unusual shaped puzzle pieces are all designed and hand drawn in by Dave himself. We try to theme the “whimsy” pieces to the theme of the puzzle from animals to characters or geometric shapes.
The way that you build our puzzles is different to the way that you build a traditional puzzle and your brain shifts into looking at shapes and colour, which makes it even more engaging and interesting.

We spend a lot of time sourcing the images and concepts for our puzzles. We like to envisage them as “works of art”. Something that after you have completed it, you would want to frame and display. We did not want our images to be the run of the mill, everyday images. We pride ourselves on the quality wood and technologically advance method of printing that makes all our puzzles so brilliant in colour.

All our puzzle pieces are designed to be challenging, yet still exciting and enjoyable for the whole family.”

Disclaimer: this puzzle is not suitable for children under 3 years old. Small pieces are a choking hazard.

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Carefree Cat, Ernst Haeckel Hummingbirds, Ernst Haeckel Orchids, Golden Retriever, Safari Dream, Tree of Life


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