Natural Menopause


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Understand menopause with all its changes and challenges, and choose practices and treatments to make this next stage in your wellness journey healthy, positive, and joyful.

Your menopause is unique to you–a milestone on your personal well-being journey. A lucky few will breeze through it, but for most women this time of hormonal upheaval brings up a variety of challenging symptoms. This book is for you if you want to understand menopause better and find the right combination of resources for you–enabling you to stay physically, mentally, and spiritually well throughout the process.

Find out how to adapt your existing wellness practices and build in new ones to smooth the path of your menopause: adopt yoga poses to calm hot flashes or help you sleep; use essential oils to balance hormones and lift mood; enjoy foods that boost energy and sharpen focus; discover the best exercises for strong bones and a healthy heart; meditate and use CBT to relieve anxiety; find out how Ayurveda can help you maintain thick hair and supple skin; enjoy aromatherapy massage to clear mind-fog or soothe joint pain. Discover how to attend to your specific needs in a mindful, positive way, either alongside or without prescription medication. Your go-to guide to helping yourself make the transition an energizing, liberating experience, Natural Menopause helps you take charge and embrace the change.

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