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Weleda – 100 years of holistic skincare & medicines

Weleda skincare and medicines have had a place on the shelves of Sage Natural Living since the store’s inception as Wild Rose Organics in 2004. When it comes to holistic health products, nothing quite compares to the healing powers of these potions.

Weleda was created by Rudolf Steiner (philosopher), Ita Wegman (physician) and Oskar Schmeidel (chemist) in 1921 and based on the philosophies of anthroposophy.

Fundamentally, anthroposophy the study of the human being and their nature and development. It seeks to usenatural means to optimize physical and mental health and well-being. The founding principles of Weleda are to support humans by maintaining, promoting and restoring their mental and physical wellbeing

Weleda began life as a pharmaceutical laboratory and a biodynamic, medicinal plant garden. Biodynamic farming is a specific style of farming whereby plants are grown in soil that is alive, providing a level of nutritional value which cannot be matched by plants grown using chemical fertilisers, going one step further than standard organic farming. Methods such as composting, crop rotation and animal integration allows the soil to generate its own fertility.

Weleda currently has 8 dedicated medicinal plant gardens in various parts of the world, the largest being in Germany.  Plants are grown biodynamically, sustainably and organically, ensuring that the soil is cultivated to produce the highest possible level of nutrients. 

As an added bonus, Weleda prides itself on being a highly environmentally sustainable company, actively promoting flourishing ecosystems and thriving communities rather than using up the earth’s resources faster than nature can renew them. They are committed to sustainable and ethical methods of procuring their raw materials and all packaging is sustainable. Their treatment of workers and supplier is transparent and has always been of the highest standard.

Some of my personal favourite products from the Weleda range are: 

Skinfood – Developed in 1926, a Weleda original is exactly what it calls itself, food for the skin. Suitable for the body or face (especially since the introduction of the lighter version, Skinfood Light) it is a rich and nurturing blend that will heal the driest of skin as well as assist with conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. It is up there with our most commonly sold products. In recent years more incarnations of Skinfood have been developed including a body butter and lip balm as well as a lightweight body lotion.

Salt Toothpaste – made with sea salt, ratanhia root, myrrh and chestnut bark this toothpaste prevents plaque and tartar build up whilst stimulating saliva production. It is particularly great for anyone suffering from dry mouth including as a result of chemotherapy. It is freshened with peppermint oil for a fresh mouth feeling without fluoride. This was a godsend for me during my own experience with chemotherapy recently.

Arnica Cream – an absolute must for the family sports bag and first aid kit. This is far and away the best arnica cream I have used. Super fast and effective on bruises, sprains and any aches and pains including arthritis and rheumatism. You can also back it up with Arnica Spray or Pilules.

Weleda really is holistic skincare and medicines at their finest and I encourage you to give them a try.

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