Manuka Honey Skincare Collection

The facts about Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey is a special honey which can only be procured from New Zealand, as it is produced by bees which feed on the pollen from the Manuka Plant (also known as NZ Teatree Bush)

Scientific research shows us that Manuka honey has stronger antibacterial and antiviral properties than any other form of honey.  The acidic nature of manuka honey blocks the enzymes that normally break down the proteins and peptides which allow the body to repair itself. The high sugar concentrate also protects wounds and draws away fluid, speeding up the healing process. Bacteria, which need water to survive are unable to flourish in this environment. When used topically in skincare products therefore, manuka honey has been found to be particularly helpful when treating acne, eczema and psoriasis. Manuka Honey can also be taken internally and has been found to assist in the recovery from conditions such as sore throats and stomach bugs.

Manuka Honey contains a much higher concentration of methylglyoxal (MGO), a kind of natural antibiotic. When buying manuka honey products look out for the label showing the unique Manuka factor (UMF) rating. The UMF rating refers to the level of MGO in the Manuka Honey used in the product. As a simple guideline, If the UMF is 1 to 4 then the MGO in the honey used is basically undetectable. Up to level 10, it is detectable but not useful. Once the level goes over 16 it is regarded as high grade or superior.

Sage Natural Living stocks the Wild Ferns range of Manuka Honey Skincare. Generally, the Manuka Honey contained in these products has a UMF of approximately 80+

Manuka Honey is not a raw honey. It needs to be pasteurised in order to be sterile for wound care. It is heated and agitated (only liquid when agitated) and cooled then goes straight into skincare products or used in its pure form for consumption

Wild Ferns products are produced by Parrs Products Limited, a 100% NZ owned company established in 1951. Parrs were the first to realise the benefits of using Manuka Honey in the beauty industry. The Wild Ferns brand is now recognised around the world and is especially popular in Australia.

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