Rosie Windsor Jewels – local artisan

I am honoured to have been selling my good friend Rosie’s jewellery for many years now.

In Rosie’s own words:

“After studying Dress Design years ago, I have been feeding my creative inner self by doing short art courses, other making courses, as well as sewing for my children and self. I also love flowers so I dabble in floristry as well as drawingand painting. And then I discovered beading about 20 years ago. I would wear my creations and people would comment so RosieWindsorJewels was launched about 18 years ago.

Making from my house created chaos so we had the opportunity to create a studio for me under the casual BnB space, The Loft,  built separate from the main house. In this wonderful space I produce original handmade jewellery pieces and artworks! I am inspired by my place on the shores of Lake George and its surrounding beauty. I also have a gift of observation so am constantly seeing and feeling sights and sounds whether from birds or animals, cities, or the bush.

I love natural stones, pearls, and glass so I create using these elements. Most pieces are one of a kind depending on the inspo and I also love to create special pieces or commission work. 

Louise at Sage Natural Living has always supported me and my passion and has sold my work from the get go. There is always a good variety available to try and to purchase at Sage”



rosie windsor jewels

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