Handmade in Bungendore, Sage Natural Living Cleansing Bar

Sage Happenings – Issue 1

Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it Last

These are the words stated by iconic British fashion designer and environmentalist, Vivienne Westwood and inspire me everyday

January is the month when I often look at where I would like to take my business in the coming year. To an onlooker or customer, it may seem that not much changes here at Sage Natural Living year to year but subtle changes often require big shifts and lots of planning inside the business.

This year, in reviewing my business plan, I have been looking at

  1. what makes this business a success and how can I ensure it stays successful
  2. Is this business still fulfilling my original goals and dreams that existed when I opened the doors in 2004. Does my mission statement still stand strong, or does it need tweaking.


 To be the go to boutique in the region and online for unique, high quality, sustainable shopping. To reduce environmental impacts through promoting sustainable shopping practices. To support other local businesses and underprivileged groups and improve their quality of life through selling their products.


I love retail but I really do want to make a difference and leave a softer footprint. Sometimes, combining these can be challenging.

As the years go by and big retail gets bigger, many of the larger retails stores offer lots of eco-friendly alternatives for all aspects of life. This is fantastic (watch out for greenwashing though) but it means that smaller boutiques like me need to look at being more specialised and in the case of Sage, it has helped me make the decision to offer more luxury natural and ethical products with a real focus on locally made. The internet brings us closer together. Its easier to source local businesses producing quality goods. So begins my mission to stock a larger percentage of locally made than made abroad.

Of course this doesn’t mean that I won’t continue to support all of my wonderful overseas suppliers from New Zealand, India, Nepal as they provide me with some wonderful basics as well as gorgeous handcrafted goods, money from which go towards supporting women’s groups and under-privileged communities.

But moving forward, when seeking out new suppliers, my focus will be on affordable, ethical offerings, still maintaining a high level off quality and luxury,  produced close to home.

Currently I stock a good many products from right here in the QPRC region. These include Base Soaps, Rosie Windsor Jewels, Vetro e Metallo, Wamboin Studios, Sandy Johnston Ceramics, Marcia Osborne Ceramics, Prana Produce as well as, of course, our very own Sage Candles & Skin Care Range.

Australia-wide suppliers include includes Bliss Honey, Green Hemp, Eco Minerals, Hemp Organics, Merino Treads, Pottery for the Planet, Bamboo Textiles (some products), Nourish & Nest, Silverstone, Auspress, Overwrought Iron, The Giftwrappers, Summer Salt, Devina Louise

As I write this I am waiting on a delivery from a lovely new supplier, Kylie from Made by Me in Goulburn whose fabulous culottes I will be stocking.

Watch this space for more very exciting new local and Australia wide suppliers! I am really excited for 2023, I hope you are too 

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