Bamboo, a sustainable choice

Bamboo has come a long way since it was first used to make fabrics.

Benefits of bamboo include its breathability, comfort and softness and its environmental sustainability. At Sage Natural Living we only sell bamboo brands that can be shown to be from sustainable sources, using a closed loop production system or mechanically processed so as to avoid chemicals all together. The brands we stock are Boody, Bamboo Textiles and Bamboo Body.

Bamboo has many advantages over cotton as a raw material for textiles. It is the fastest growing woody plant on earth and can be grown in diverse conditions, from tropical to freezing. New bamboo plants will reach their full height in around 10 weeks and will be ready to harvest in 3 to 5 years. Harvesting requires the plant only to be cut off at its base, meaning it does not have to be replanted but will reshoot from the original plant. The extensive root system and the fact that it is not uprooted during harvesting, results in less soil erosion than cotton crops whose regular uplifting, contributes to soil erosion. The roots of the bamboo hold the soil together near riverbanks which are prone to mudslides, and they reduce runoff on sloped land. Bamboo also generates more oxygen and removes more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than any other plant. Bamboo does not require pesticides or fertilizers.

Bamboo provides an alternate source of timber for construction and cellulose fibre for textiles therefore reducing the destruction of native forests. Communities can instead plant commercial, purpose grown, bamboo plantations.

The bamboo fibre is biodegradable which means that at the end of its useful life, in the right conditions, it can be composted.

There are two methods of producing fabric from bamboo;

Mechanically – resulting in a fabric similar to raw silk or linen

Chemically – resulting in the fabric most of us are familiar with, accurately known as bamboo rayon (in America it is now a legal requirement for this fabric to be labelled as bamboo rayon)

Most bamboo is process using the latter method, due to the costs involved and the preference of customers for the end result. However, ethical companies use a closed loop system which protects the workers and the environment and also ensure that there are no traces of the chemicals left in the fabric when it is leaves the processing factory

Bamboo is soft and silky against the skin. It has natural antibacterial properties and is moisture wicking, which means it draws moisture away from the skin. It is breathable so is great for both winter layering and summer sun protection. Fabulous for travel, it folds up small and the creases disappear with your body heat. Bamboo is an all-round great choice for trans seasonal dressing for any occasion.

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