Finding your perfect lip shade

Eye of Horus offers an abundance of lipstick shades and varieties and it can be challenging to determine the shade that’s right for you. Understanding your skin’s tone will make it easier to select your perfect shade.

All  Eye of Horus lip shades are infused with vegan, cruelty free and paraben free ingredients.

Look at Your Skin Tone to choose Your Shade of Lip Colour


If your skin has warm undertones (olive, yellow or golden) and you generally wear gold jewellery, try warm oranges, reds and nudes.



If your skin is a mix between warm and cool undertones, a wide variety of shades will generally be suited to you. If you suit both gold and silver jewellery, you most likely have a neutral undertone.



If your skin has blue, pink or red tones, and silver jewellery suits you, then try the cooler shades, such as purples, pinks, nudes and reds, featuring blue undertones such as Cleo PlumBewitched Mulberry or Athena Blush

Remember that we stock the whole range of Eye of Horus Cosmetics in store and can help you decide in person or allow you the time to test and try in our lovely peaceful, pressure free environment.

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